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Master Bathroom Blank Slate Layout Ideas

10 years ago

Hey Everyone,

So my husband and I are getting ready to gut and renovate our master bathroom. We just finished building a walk-in-closet in the bedroom which allowed us to add the hallway of wall closets to our bathroom space. I'm so excited to finally have a bathroom that is big enough for two people! But...the layout of our new bathroom space is kind of strange. We have been staring at the layout for a while now and have come up with one decent layout but it just seams like there has to be something better. I was hoping that a couple pairs of fresh eyes could give us some recommendations and ideas!

With that being said, we have a completely blank slate. :-) We really only have one restriction, the entryway from the bedroom is on the left wall, the door (if a door at all) needs to be in in the boxed in area due to a cold air return. The door could open in, open out, pocket/sliding door, or no door at all.

Our goal is to get a double vanity (or two separate ones), toilet, and good sized shower in here. We are open to ALL ideas, open/doorless showers, walls/objects in the middle of the room, whatever else you can think of!

Thanks in advance!

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