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Education programs....I need to vent! (kinda long...)

13 years ago

In a nutshell...I would like to go back to school for Medical Coding.

In November I met with an admissions counselor at a local college that is very reputable. As much as I would love to enroll, they will only accept 24 of my 80 college credits which means for this program I would need to earn 62 more credits to earn a 2 year degree. At $420 per credit I simply am not sure I can or want to go that far into debt at my age.

The week before Xmas I called (twice) the program director at a local technical college that offers a certificate program and left a message. I also e-mailed (twice) the head of an online school that was recommended by a friend of mine that graduated from their transcription program. I have not gotten a reply from either of these institutions.

I finally reached someone at the technical college today from their admissions office. He tried to answer some of my questions, and told me that they only offer about 50% of their classes online and I would have had to start at the beginning of the quarter (2 weks ago). I told him I had left a couple of messages with hopes of doing just that but had not gotten a response.

So now I have missed the beginning of Spring quarter and if I enroll there I could not begin there until April or May.

I thiught maybe I could find an online school that I could do lessons around my own schedule, where I am not bound by quarter and semester start times, where I can start when I want and work at my own (reasonable) pace. The one recommended by my friend and also the expensive school had that option.

However, looking at online schools I just don't know how to figure out which schools are good and which are not. I went on the AHIMA site and they linked to a few schools, but none have an online program that will fit my needs, and they also link to the expensive school I mentioned earlier.

When did it become so damn difficult to try to get an educaton?


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