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How would you configure sinks on a 10' continuous vanity?

7 years ago

I have a 120" space for four 30" drawer cabinets. How should I place the sinks? In cabinet 2 and 3, leaving counter space on each side? In cabinet 1 and 3, leaving space between and leaving space for a makeup counter to the far right?

I was contemplating just a single sink, since we currently have two (on an L-shaped wall) but always tend to use the same one anyhow, but two seems to be expected these days, especially when there is space.

The cabinets are a done deal, so I can't change their width. The wall above is a continuous line of recessed mirrored medicine cabinets.

Should I consider a two-fauceted trough sink? Aren't they hard to rinse if they are too wide? My kitchen sink is already very wide and I need a flexible spray faucet to rinse it, so I can't imagine fixed wall-mounted faucets doing the job.

What would you do?


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