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choosing a vs. function and does resale matter?

15 years ago

We're adding a Jack & Jill bath to our home. We have no kids, so this will be the guest bath. I want to be mid-range on this: beautiful looking, but without all the splurges we put in our master.

General color scheme: gray floors (inspiration carrara marble), cream/gray shower tile, cream wainscoting, light green walls.

For the 2 36" vanities, I'd like an espresso color with a white/gray/black granite top (found some $130 counters). I love the look of this Ronbow vanity

Two concerns/questions:

1. The color is "vintage walnut" so I'm not sure it will go with the white/gray/black granite. Opinions?

2. They have no version of this with drawers. They've got a couple others, but I don't like the styles quite as well. We don't need drawers for our guests, but will that detract from resale (not our forever home)? Or is this such a minor detail that if a buyer is blown away by the look of the room, they won't care a fig about whether the vanity has drawers? Or should I just fall in love with one of these other styles?

Here are the other options:


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