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Difficult times.....

12 years ago

both in a good way and then not so good.

First the good news, my dear sister and brother-in-law have gifted me with a freshly painted house inside ---the entire house! So I am frantically trying to jostle things around so the painters can start on Tuesday in the kitchen, then move to the bathroom and my bedroom. This week I have to move my entire sewing studio out to various parts of the house as one room is painted and they move onto others. If you saw my studio right now, you too would run screaming from the scene. The 'spare' bedroom is almost as bad as the sewing room. But it's a good incentive to pack up lots of stuff and call Hospice to come get it.

And now for the bad dad is moving toward the close of his life. He has been in a Memory Center at the retirement community where he and my mom live. Last week he developed problems eating and drinking. He is comfortable, in no pain, has good nursing care, and a member of our family with him at all times. There will be no measures taken to prolong life. He is 89 and has had a wonderful long life and 65 years of marriage to my mom, 3 daughters, 5 grandchildren and Friday the first great grandchild was born in Brazil, a little boy named Leonardo. New life is given even as a life is ebbing away.

Just wanted to share the good and the bad of the New Year with my friends here.


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