S-L-O-W Web browsing & iffy Internet connection

9 years ago

I have a 64-bit system with ample RAM running Windows 7. I've used Firefox for years with no problems. Over the past few weeks I've had trouble loading Web pages . . . either the page loads w/o graphics or the attempt times out. Getting around the Internet has become a real trial; I'm clicking the reload button all the time, or I have to quit a tab and open a new one.

At the the same time, lose my connection occasionally. Unplugging and replugging the modem (or is it the router?) usually works, although I've accessed the troubleshooting function at times, too.

My son switched out the modem with another model, but that hasn't helped. He also did an online speed test, which showed my DSL speed is fine. I called my Internet provider, and they said the problem must be on my end. They're probably right . . . any ideas for me? Thanks!

PS: Just before writing this post I quit out of Firefox and left the computer for awhile. When I came back, I started up FF, and the window said I was starting a new version. So far, at least, Web browsing seems to have reverted to normal (the good normal). Fingers crossed. But FF, new or not, wouldn't explain my lost connections, would it?

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