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The email I was writing disappeared - is there a way to get it ba

12 years ago

This is the second time this week when I've written a long and difficult email - just to have it disappear. It seems as though I'm inadvertently hitting a key while typing - that's functioning to erase everything I wrote. I'm not sure what I hit - or if there's a way to undo it.

The first time, I retyped everything. Now I'm hoping there's a way to retrieve it. I left the email box open - and stopped typing. This is a new and temporary keyboard for me - my old one died on the weekend and I'm awaiting a new one in the mail. I'm temporarily using the one that came with my Dell inspiron 530. There must be a key somewhere that's not on my logitech keyboard - but I'm not sure what it is or how to undo it.

There is a button that has a symbol that looks like a page with written lines - the second line is highlighted with an arrow pointing at it. I don't know what this button is but it's situated where I might have hit it. That's all I can think of.

Any ideas?



PS a different keyboard question. A while back my keyboard keys were sticking. People here said that if all is lost, might as well try it on the top rack of the dishwasher. So I did that - but it must be filled with water. I've been letting it dry for 4 days. Is that sufficient time? Could I damage my computer if I try using it and water effected it? Could I start an electric fire or short?

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