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Bathroom Porcelain Floor Tile (Bill/Mongo??)

13 years ago

My friend the plumber start to get ready to install my floor tile.

He cut and screwed in 1/4 hardie board. He did this w/o putting thin set under then hardie board.

The floor under the hardie board consists of 3/4 tong and groove on a diagonal, 1/2 ply wood and then some type of vinyl flooring.

The hallway next to the bathroom floor consist of 3/4 tongue and groove with 3/4 hard wood over top.

I would like to have the tile level with the hallway wood floor or at least close. If I just place the tile over hardie board how it is currently installed I will probably be about 1/2 above the hardwood floor. Not the end of the world.

Also, I know how the hardie board is install is not the best.

Should I remove the hardie board and the subfloor down to the tongue and groove.

Then either reinstall the hardie board this time with thinset underneath of it OR

should I install ditra since I am taking out the hardie board at this point.

Would the 3/4 tongue and groove with either 1/4 hardie board or ditra be sufficient?

Any help would be appreciated...I am moving on this project this weekend.



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