help with bathroom/bedroom/closet layout

Debbie Laird
8 years ago

Okay, if I'm asking for help, I'm covering all my bases, and just laying it out there from the get-go! No pun intended. hehe.

We've been in the house for four year. It's a four bedroom ranch on six acres with a partial basement. The house was built in the 70's and we are the fourth couple to own it. No one with children has ever lived here, whcih is probably due to the school system.

The photo of my drawing is of the two bedrooms on the north west corner of the house. I've wanted to take the wall down to create a bigger bedroom since we moved in. The bigger issue is the bathroom off the master bedroom. The previous owners installed a 48" vanity, which is way too big, and a small shower enclosurer, which is way too small. I think we lost about 3" of shower stall to make the enclosure fit. The sliding shower door is 2', and my husband is a big boy. He has taken to using the guest bathroom and I use the master. We love having separate bathrooms, but it is inconvenient when we have company.
If we can make it work, we are ready to remove the wall with the soft Xs in the middle. Without that wall, the room would be 25 x 16 to the south and 13 to the north. My thought is that anything within the dark lines is fair game. I do not want to relocate the windows, and would only relocate the entry doors if it is the perfect layout. That is because we just installed hardwood floors and oak trim in the hall. The HVAC is under the windows on the west wall.

I'd love to see the toilet in a closet, a double sink and a walkin shower. I'm not opposed to a tub, but we are not tub people, and I don't want to waste the space. The 4x6 walkin closet would make a great shower, but where would the closet go? And that is as far as I can get. My mind stops when I start adding walls and the layout no longer flows.

Can someone help me with this layout please?

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