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Troubles...downloads won't finish

13 years ago

Been having trouble all afternoon and evening.

HP Pavilion, 64, Vista, FF

First noticed that Avast was not staying connected. I had done an update and re-registered because my year was up and it said I needed to re-register, which i did. But it wouldn't stay running.

I can't remember now all the problems I was having but by the end of the afternoon, I couldn't connect to the internet, and I was trying to download some e-books and they would not download.

Here's what I have done to try and fix.......

Did an update and Ran a SuperAntiSpyware scan. Nothing found

Did update and ran AntiMalwareByte scan. Nothing found

Tried to do a Avast virus scan but it would not run. It said I my protection was expired (see note above), so I tried again to re-register, but I never could get it to turn on.

Uninstalled Avast, using Revo and Avast uninstaller.

INSTALLED Microsoft Securities Essentials. RAN A SCAN, nothing found!

Did a system restore, still having same problem.

I tried several different e-book sites but the results are the same for all, one or two will download in a flash, the the next one will hang up and not finish downloading.

Where do I go from here? Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help.

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