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Am I smart enough to go wireless

17 years ago

I have a desktop computer with a broadband internet connection that I use for my work as well as for web surfing, shopping, bill paying, netflix etc. What I would like to do now is supplement this with an inexpensive laptop with a wireless connection to the desktop so that I can do all these things from other parts of my house. I understand that this will require that I get a wireless router for my desktop, a wireless equiped laptop and set up a wireless network. Is this something that one with just modest computer skills can do? My desktop has xp professional and the new portable will in all probability have Vista home basic. I don't want to get Vista for my desktop until I replace it. Will this incompatibility be a problem? Where will the installation proceedures come from; "VISTA help" or "XP help" or the instructions that come with the wireless router. Are there other sources for step by step instruction? What I would really like to do is be able to operate my desktop remotely from the portable so as to avoid loading/maintaining all my software and files on the portable. Is this practical and, if so, what do I need in the way of knowledge and software?

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