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OxyClean + Marble = big mistake (pictures inside)

12 years ago

There were some pink stains in spots on the grout in my bathroom, so I investigated ways to clean it without hurting the marble. I saw a suggestion repeated a few times to use OxyClean.

I'm in tears over the results. I saved for so long to redo my bathroom. I read every website and forum I could to find the best way to clean it and the grout. I felt as though the advice to use OxyClean came from very knowledgeable people.

I would love other marble bath owners to share the names of the cleaning products they use so I can avoid this in the future.

In this photo, the tile directly in the middle and the one below and to the right of it have been damaged. You can see cloudy, almost bubble looking marks on the tile.

Picture of the same two tiles, without flash:

Another tile with the same bubble like marks

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