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Internet access in France - Help!!

16 years ago

DH and I will be living in Provence for seven months. The place we have rented does not appear to have internet access. I can't imagine living that long without a computer. We were there for 2 months in 2006 and I went to internet cafes when the places we were staying did not have a computer available for me to use, but 7 months searching out an internet cafe??? I will probably buy a cell phone for emergency telephone calls but want to stay in touch through e-mail and find out what I need on the web.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to the best, and cheapest, way to get access? I have a laptop and a current converter (ever try to type on a French keyboard? It's not qwerty and takes forever to keep from typing what looks like gibberish) which I can bring with me. But, then what?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Merci beaucoup.

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