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Small bathroom, basic remodel: progress

Not a lot of bling in this remodel, but we've made some progress so I wanted to share. It's a small bathroom (5 x 8 -- the size of someone's super-luxurious SHOWER!!!) mostly-DIY remodel (we hired a plumber to install the new bathtub and also someone to hang the cement board). I just grouted the floor yesterday, which felt like a big milestone :-) Still wall tile to finish before we grout the walls. The tub surround is tiled all the way to the ceiling, and all the other walls will have tile up to 4'. It will be really shiny in there LOL, but I'm hoping MUCH easier to keep clean (two boys live here, 5 and 9, in addition to my DH).

I read that walls should be grouted first but that didn't happen. What is the reason for grouting walls first?

Charcoal grey floor:

We probably made a rookie error -- after DH installed the tile there was one area along the tub that had a nearly 1/2" gap. We should have started the tile along the tub but we didn't. DOH! It doesn't look as bad after I grouted, and I think that when we caulk along the base of the tub it will help to hide it a little more.

White wall tiles, can't see the shower niche is on the wall opposite the plumbing. It's a Swanstone pre-made niche, we love the one in our master bathroom (super easy to install and maintain). I'll be grouting with white because I don't like busy tile.

The vanity is bamboo from, medium-dark in color. I got exactly the same size as the old vanity, 36". It's a tight fit though, after it arrived I started reading about clearance between vanity and toilet, and there isn't really as much space as is recommended. Oh well, our house is small and lacks storage - having a larger vanity gives us a little more storage. The vanity was a major splurge, hope we don't regret it!

I ordered new lighting from HD, but it arrived damaged so I returned it and have not re-ordered. It's this light:

Originally we were going to get a new mirror, but now I'm hoping to just cut the old one down to be 36" long, exactly like the vanity and hang it back up. Fingers crossed!!!

I haven't selected a paint color yet, but I'm leaning towards either a light grey or a light blue.

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