Fake Windows Security Center 'scareware'

11 years ago

Win XP, IE 8.0

MS Security Essentials

I just had this 'scareware' come through my computer. Something about it made me think it was fake even though it is a good Windows look-a-like.

It ran a fake scan and returned with the 'results' that I had 5 viruses. The window gave me a highlighted button to 'Start Protection' which I did click on (duh). Then a 'run' or 'save as' box came up to download a program to rid me of the nasty beast. That's where I sort of figured it out and closed everything. I did an MS Security Essentials scan and it found nothing.

So now, I am wondering if I went to far by clicking 'start protection'. Do I trust MSSE that I am okay or is there something nasty lurking inside my system?

Anyone had this experience?

TIA Judy

Here is a link that might be useful: Fake Windows Security Alert

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