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Please tell me i didn't make a mistake with ordering new computer

13 years ago

i ordered a new laptop and desktop. I had talked to the local computer builder guy and decided to go with dell instead. I want a computer that will last me a long time. I use it for internet surfing, youtube and facebook mainly. I store alot of videos, photos and music and so i needed a big hard drive, and because i have been running on virtual memory for so long on my current computer, i wanted alot of memory even though i know i can add it later. Anyway, to get everything i wanted, there was only one configuration under $1,100 that i was able to do. I got 1 TB Hard drive and 8 gb memory. The only processors offered were the Intel Core 2Duo E5400, and the next one up offered with this deal was $80 more for a quad core which the local guy told me i didn't need unless i was using some intense software. My computer came to like $824 with some minor add ons.

i tried some different configurations with a bigger processor like a T7500 and no matter if i decreased the memory or hard drive i ended up over $1,000 with the studio version of dell.

I did the online chat thing with 3 different dell people and they all told me the studi line was best for my needs, and that the inspiron was more for people who did word processing. They also said E5400 was more than sufficient for my needs, but now when i look on the local computer guys sheet, i noticed he wrote down E7500 as the base processor and now i am sick thinking i made a huge mistake (got everything else really good and skipped the most improtant thing). My current computer, although over 7 years old runs pretty quickly most of the time since i doubled my internet connection, so i would think even at the E5400 it should be faster that what i have now, but what do you guys think? i doubt there is much i can do about it nowm i saved $150- 200, but hopefully not something i will regret?

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