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Double oven range vs. single oven range & convection microwave

15 years ago


Appliance newbie here trying to renovate a very small kitchen. I'm currently trying to decide on whether to include 1) a standalone range with double oven and regular microwave or 2) a regular single oven range and a convection microwave. I am mostly looking for an extra small oven to roast veg, bake cookies/tarts and make small casseroles without heating up a large oven.

The double oven range I'm considering is a Maytag or Kenmore model (link below). Maytag has pretty good reviews and is very similar to Kenmore. I don't have space for wall ovens so the double oven feature is attractive to me.

I have never used a convection microwave but heard good things about them. Currently, I use a simple Sharp model for popcorn and reheating, so I wonder if an convection microwave will be too much technology for me.

Any thoughts regarding either combo? TIA.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kenmore double oven range

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