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Double oven range+mw or normal range+speed oven

10 years ago

We are getting close to ordering our cabinets and now have to make up our minds on the range/mw situation.
Our layout calls for a microwave under the counter. I would like to combine it with a toaster oven and came across the speed oven. But, since it is undercounter installation,only the Miele one ($$$) is approved for that use. If we do the Miele, we can't do the GE cafe range I wanted and will have to stick to a basic range.
The other option is to do a double oven range and simple drawer microwave. DH thinks we can use the smaller oven in place of the toaster oven.
Do any of you have experience with that? I am worried that it will take too long to heat and we will still be stuck with the toaster oven.
Is one combination much better than the other??
Thanks in advance

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