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Convection Steam Oven/Convection Oven or Double Ovens?

8 years ago

We are finalizing appliances for our kitchen renovation. I feel like I've been sold on a combination Convection Steam Oven to pair with a Single Convection Oven (Wolf M Series). I will have a 48" range top, so these will be my only ovens other than a counter top toaster oven and microwave drawer. Is the steam oven really worth it?

It seems in many steam oven recipes I see, steam is not even used. I like that it heats more quickly, and I don't mind filling the water tank, but I'm not a fan of poached foods--I tend to like most foods browned on the outside. I'm not much of a baker and my hubby doesn't eat fish and he will still use the microwave to reheat. Except I love steamed veggies. I'd wonder if I should be cooking my roasts in the regular oven vs. the steam oven. I love to cook and like the idea of a new method, and maybe I'll take up baking! But I'm not convinced it is worth the price and sacrificing a second 30" oven.

I'd love to hear other's experiences with their steam ovens!

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