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Cafe Dual Fuel Double Oven vs. Cafe Induction Single Oven Range?

Andrea Bowen
5 days ago
last modified: 5 days ago

Seeking advice from anyone who owns a 30 inch Cafe Dual Fuel Double Oven Range or a 30 inch Cafe Induction Single Oven Range.

Have planned for the last several months to get the Cafe dual fuel double oven range for our new kitchen reno (about to begin demo). Small kitchen, no room for separate cooktop/wall oven. Really love how the cafe range stovetop squeezes a lot of functional burners into a small space. And of course the double oven flexibility. A little wary of neither oven being terribly big, but maybe it's an excuse to beg off of hosting a big Thanksgiving? ;) Even still, the larger oven is still as big as many single oven ranges, so I don't think it will be that bad.

But, due to environmental and health considerations, really interested in induction. The induction version of the Cafe double oven range won't be available until at least next summer, so basically not an option. So if I want induction, the Cafe single oven range is definitely the best choice at our price range, and has a way bigger oven than other competitor models. (Not interested in Samsung or LG.)

Would be grateful for anyone who owns these particular models to comment on whether there is anything in particular you LOVE or HATE about them, that will help me decide whether the tradeoff of getting induction is worth losing the double oven.

Thank you!

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