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Terrible customer service from Capital

13 years ago

I really didn't expect this after the rave reviews I read here. I bought a Capital Precision range, and was delighted when it was installed two weeks ago. My joy didn't last too long, because the range started making an unholy racket when the oven reached a temperature of 300 degrees. I unplugged it and called Capital the day it happened and left a message. No one got back to me. Finally I reached a live person a couple of days later, and they diagnosed it as a malfunctioning cooling fan, and promised that a replacement would arrive within a week. The week went by, and no fan. I wrote them an email, and got no answer. I tried calling a couple of times and no one picked up the phone again. Today I finally got through to a live person, who very obnoxiously told e that the part had been sent out and it would "get there soon" and that they shipped it via UPS ground, and if I hadn't received it within a couple of days they's track it. (that would make it two weeks since I left the message) When I told him this wasn't the level of service appropriate for such an expensive item he said "thank you for calling Capital" and hung up on me. The attitude of this company is unbelievable. Ignoring repeated calls and emails, then treating the customer rudely when I finally do get through is no way for anyone to behave, regardless of the cost of the item you're selling, but it's especially galling when I'm trying to get the most expensive appliance I ever bought to function properly. I hope this isn't an omen of future problems, and it's a far cry from the rosy picture painted by most Capital fans here.

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