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any tips on how to 'drop' a drop in tub in alcove?

14 years ago

hi all - my friend is trying to grab someone from his work & come over to put my drop-in tub in place, and we're trying to figure out how exactly to do it. everything i have been able to find online just says "place tub in deck" = yeah, like it's that easy.

mine is a drop-in but in an alcove. it has a couple inches on all sides, but also walls on 3 sides. we can't put weight on the deck (like standing on it), so it seems that the guys will have to leverage the weight of the tub with their backs as they bend over & put it into the hole we've built.

my friend said maybe someone (me) could lay on the floor & stick our upper body through the front of the deck & use their arm strength to help lower the tub slowly so that they two handling it wouldn't have as much stress on their backs as they lower it in. but that sounds kind of hokey since there's not much room under there... and even he said it would be extra hard to get 3 people in that small space.

do any of you have suggestions? I know it's done all the time... just don't know how exactly.

it's acrylic - weighs maybe 120 lb. or so, by our guesses. it has a lip on the top, which isn't supposed to support the tub's weight, and an osb board attached to the bottom, a little smaller than the top of the tub, that has the pump, etc. mounted to it.

any ideas would be appreciated!



here's the deck

here's the tub

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