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Need low-height bathtub that's drop in

9 years ago

Tired of trying to do multi-selection searches on home depot website... didn't get anything useful anyways. Really really need a suggestion - It's our kids' bathroom and it's a tub-shower.

Obviously just a soaker tub, not jets or fancy expensive "functions". We want a low-height so it's safer for the kids to get in and out easily - they won't need any 20-inch deep water soak anyways. But we want to put linear drainage along the bottom of the tub so our contractor says it HAS to be a drop-in tub (or else we would have gotten the Kohler Bellwether - alcove / apron front).
so, we need:

- drop in (not alcove)
- low height (something in the 14 - 17 inch range, lower the better)
- no wider than 30 inches
- 60-66 inch OK (ideally 60)
- flat bottom (it's a shower-tub)
- preferably a rectangular appearance... but beggars can't be choosers LOL (no need arm-rests etc)
- no need fancy functions like jets
- any brand, any material, really (beggars and all)

Our architect says he bets we won't find one like that, ever. Garden-webbers, please help us prove him wrong LOL

thanks in advance.

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