Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0


I am trying to crop a photo into an oval shape. I can't seem to figure out how to select what I want to crop. I hope someone can tell me the steps from loading the photo to saving it as a cropped oval photo.


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Myra, i don't have adobe but something similiar and i select the pic i want to crop and go to the cropping
tool and choose oval. Your pic will show an oval around
it then you just have to adjust the size of the oval
around the pic. click done and it will bring the pic
up in seperate page shaped as your oval.

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I have this program and was trying to figure out how to help you but I can't. I usually go to another program and do it ( I have Picture It) and there I can make an oval very easily. If you have other programs try one of them. There must be a way but I can't find it. Sorry.


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Elements doesn't crop the way a photo program does. Instead you want to open the image you want to crop and open a new image the same resolution. Then use the Marquee Selection Tool. It's the tool that is at the top left of the tool pallet. It has a square or an elipse.

With that tool make a shape around the area you want to keep. Leave it selected (marching ants). Then go to Edit, Copy. then paste it into the New image.

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