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Help with Tile Design - Subway & Glass Tile

16 years ago

I'd like some help, please, in coming up with a tile design for my master bathroom. My original plan was to copy Jill77's beautiful glass tile. However, I simply cannot afford to do that much glass tile. The other two full bathrooms in the house (new construction) will use traditional subway wall tile and hex floor tile, so my husband's idea was to bring in subway tile to our master bath and use the beautiful glass blend as an accent only. Brilliant husband. Now, what's the best way to do this and give the master a more modern than traditional feel?

My vanity wall will look almost exactly like Jill77's with glass tile extending from vanity top to ceiling on either side and between two mirrors that also extend vanity top to ceiling. In other words, vertical stripes of glass tile, mirror, glass tile, mirror, glass tile. That design is covered.

The wall opposite the vanities is where I need help. It essentially is a 3.5 foot by 12 foot space. A 3x5 steam shower is in one corner. It is configured very similarly to pirula's if you're familar with her shower (two tiled walls and two glass walls). Adjacent to the shower on the 12-foot long wall, will sit a 5-foot long freestanding bathtub. I want to wrap the tile floor-to-ceiling around the 3x5 shower, then drop the tile to chair-rail height and continue it along the wall where the tub sits and then wrap it around that corner and die into the doorframe. The floor and ceiling of the shower will be the glass tile. Most of the wall tile will be subway but I do want to accent it with glass.

Should I simply wrap one long continuous horizontal stripe of glass at chair rail height all around the three walls?

Or, should I somehow replicate the vertical sripes from the vanity? If I do that, then, how about running the subway tiles vertically instead of the traditional horizontal?

My bathtub is very angular and modern: So, I am going for a more modern feel in this space.

The floor in the bathroom will be walnut hardwoods. The vanity will be topped with a creamy marble slab (diano reale).

Any ideas? Thanks!

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