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seeking 1-story, 2400-2700 w/window over kitchen sink

14 years ago

I need help finding a site with a floorplans for a 2400-2700 house that includes a window over the kitchen sink, please help! Is it just me, or has every designer of home plans decided that having a window in the kitchen is part of a bygone era? Any thoughts on why this is? The light and views and mood of a kitchen with a window just can't be replaced, no matter how many skylights and solar tubes you put in.

So many plans I have been studying have real potential for being livable with some minor changes stop me in my tracks because the kitchen is on an inside wall. Most likely, the sink is facing out to the living/family room. I know that the current thought is for the kitchen to be the central gathering place of the home and therefore you have all these houses with either the sink or the cooktop facing out into the living area. I don't disagree with this, I just want my kitchen window, please! Even when I bump up to larger homes over 2700, it is hard to find a kitchen window. However, there are plenty of small plans (say 2000 and under) with a kitchen window, but I don't want to go that small.

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