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Bluestar Cooktop and Miele Oven

13 years ago

I am trying to figure out if a 30" Bluestar Cooktop and 27" Miele Oven would work together on a standard kitchen cabinet (30" wide, 24" deep, 34.5" high) with granite top (1.5" high).

Have any of you researched such a cooktop + oven combination? I am concerned that the two will not fit.

According to the Bluestar installation, it says that it requires 5 1/2 inches clearance from the top of the counter to the space below. But I assume that the gas inlet connection will need a bit of room for hooking up. Correct? If yes, how much more room?

The Miele chef oven (model 4742 in Canada) is 27" - dimensions are 25 7/8" wide, 21 5/8" deep and 22 13/16" high (for when the oven goes inside the cabinet). The back of the oven also drops off a little looking at the diagram that Miele has provided but I am not sure by how much.

If I make the toe kick and oven shelf equal 5" (a tad low, but I'm short) looks like I have enough space. What do you guys think?

My calculation:

(Kitchen cabinet + granite 36" high) - (toekick + oven shelf 5") - (oven 22 13/16") = 8.19" clearance remaining for cooktop

Another question - the Bluestar installation guide says that the manual shut-off valve to the gas supply must be easily accessible for emergencies. But how can this be if there is an oven underneath? Is this an issue for other people here who have their ovens underneath their cooktop?

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