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Clearing land - Forestry mulching

9 years ago

We bought our land and are anxious to get it cleared this year. Seems like our options are very limited to get this property cleared and living 6 hours away.

One excavator wants to come in and clear with a bulldozer, correct the road drainage issues and burn all the brush, and trees. However, the property is heavily wooded mainly pines and some hardwoods. It is located in a valley with mountains on both sides. We are not crazy about burning since it seems like we could be in a tinder box.

The second excavator wants to use a bulldozer to knock over small trees and a forestry mulching machine to grind the trees and brush and disperse back into the land. He stated we could NOT burn in this burn permits. We have many large trees and this person is suggesting we get a logger in to remove medium and large trees first.

No logger will come out to clear 3 acres and they will butcher the land.

We found a company that has a large forestry mulching machine that can handle small trees, large trees and stumps. They make roads, driveways and correct drainage problems. They will select cut. They will disperses 6-8 inches of mulch on the land with this process. The property will be cleared for a home site and the remaining land will look like a park. I have not received an estimate from this last company yet but this company can clear 3-4 acres in 2 days. They are located an hour from our property in Tennessee and have another location in Ashville, NC.

Has anybody had their land cleared with this process? We are leaning in this direction because we like the idea of all the nutrients going back into the land. Also, this process will not butcher the land.

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