Grrrr... Fault code on my E'lux induction range during self clean

10 years ago

Very angry.

I ran the self-clean feature on my Electrolux over for the first time today. I chose the 3-hour 'medium' cycle. I did all the prep as instructed in the manual. The cycle did not finish, but displayed 'F10' or 'F11' sometime after 2 hours but before 3 hours. The oven lights came on. I can't remember if it was F10 or F11 (kicking myself for not writing it down!), but I hit the cancel button and it went to F15. At that point I called E'lux customer service. The guy actually told me that it might not be a problem. What? That it might just go away if I kill power to the range, which I did. Still has the F15 code. Also, the oven door is locked, but it's still really hot.

Of course I took delivery on it 13 months ago.

The E'lux customer service guy told me that they would cover the parts if a repair was needed, but not the installation cost.

Does anyone have any advice on what to do? Has this happened to anyone?


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