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I need basic help on...How To Clean

14 years ago

Hi, my name is (too embarrassed to admit, since I have friends here), and I never signed up for Cleaning 101. And, it shows. ...and I want quite desperately to change that: a messy and unclean house just causes me so much stress that I hate being here. And, I have a lovely house, so that shouldn't be the case.

There are some things I never learned to do (had a stepmom - she hated us, so did most everything herself), and, as I just realized today that this forum was here, I thought I'd post some of my most embarrassing questions and hope someone here can give me some advice.

- How do you get the gunk from around a sink faucet, to go away? Yes, I know it needs to be cleaned frequently, and I've been making an effort to do that, but the gunk is still there, almost like it's hardened and won't come off no matter what I try.

- Any advice on to clean hardwood floors? I've used the Swiffer Wet Jet, but surely there's something else for deep cleaning, right?

- Also, about the floors, when we bought our house (about 16 months ago; the house itself is about 10 years old), the floors were shiny, and (see above) now they are not. Even worse, it seems that with three young children, having them use barstools has caused the hardwood floor beneath them to be damaged a bit - like they've been rubbed just a little too much. How might I fix the floor? And, any suggestions on what I might put on the stools to keep them from damaging the floor any more? Last, what about water damage on the floor - the hubby just can't be bothered with drying hands before walking away from the kitchen sink, and the area in front of the sink looks pretty bad.

- I live in a very dusty climate, and we often like to enjoy the breeze w/ open windows. This means everything is frequently coated with dust. I've contemplated getting one of those FlyLady feather dusters - do you think this would help?

- How often do you spend cleaning every day? I don't mean to include things like emptying the dw or doing dishes, but more like vacuuming and such? I keep thinking I should vac daily (big, hairy, shedding dogs and a cat, plus 3 kids), but I have yet to reach that point.

I had a lot of other questions, but I can't remember them. Anyway, if anyone reads and is willing to share, I'd be grateful!

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