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12 years ago

I placed my order on March 10 for quite a bit of bathroom hardware. Of course they charged my credit card right away. I checked their website for the status of my order over a week ago and it said "items are being shipped direct from manufacturer." It had a ship date of March 17. I checked the status again after a few days went by and I had received nothing. It said "shipping delayed." That's it. No other information. I then sent an e-mail asking for the status of my order and when I could expect to receive it. No response. Over the course of a week, I sent 6 more e-mails, no response. I've called their number every day for over a week DURING BUSINESS hours and the recording says "We are closed. Please call back during regular business hours." All I can think is that they closed down and ran off with people's money.

I ordered from a different one of their companies a few weeks ago and received my order, no problem. What's scaring me is even when I called their corporate office, it has the same recording. And today, their corporate website is GONE. (Home Decor Products, Inc)

This company operates EIGHT websites:

These websites are still letting you place orders!! I've already filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I even called Emtek, the manufacturer of the jardware that I ordered, who said they weren't "allowed" to give me any information about whether or not my order had been received since I was not the actual customer. I even told the guy these things and he said he would try contacting their office with the number he had (which of course was the same one listed on the HDPI corporate website before they took it down).

So as of today I am out almost $500. Luckily I used my American Express and will call them (they're usually pretty good about these types of things).

Does anyone know if where something like this can be reported?? They are still operating EIGHT sites that are still taking orders daily.

I will keep this post updated should anything change.

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