Pepper joe legit?

7 years ago

I'm looking at buying a crazy amount of seeds from pepper joe. As in $400 worth of seeds. The seeds are as follows. Carolina reaper, ghost, giant ghost, paper lantern, volcano in a box, fire in a box, 8 pack tomatoes, brain strain 7 pot, yellow devils tongue, red savina, box of dynamite, chocolate scorpion, yellow moruga, buch t scorpion, naga viper, douglah pepper, yellow7 pot, red brain strain, naga morich, yellow ghost, francisca, fatalii, chocolate habanero, scotch bonnet, Caribbean chili and habanero, Tasmanian habanero, white habanero, golden habanero, Jamaican pepper, spicy mustard, chipotle jalape�o, Fresno, maules red, jalape�o lover 5pack, cayenne bush 8fter (tree), Yahtzee, Thai sun, Tabasco, cayenne 6 pack, 5color marble, cascabella, peperoncini, fushimi sweet, Bolivian rainbow, Peter pepper rainbow, ancho, atomic starfish, datil, yellow lemon drop, filius blue, chili hot, paprika, corona di toro, yellow corno di toro, Antonio Romanian, canary yellow, mini bell, chocalate bell, king of the north, Aconcagua, golden Marconi, sweet banana, sweet crimson, cubanelle, keystone and Chinese giant.
I'm seriously looking at starting a small business by growing this amount of peppers, then planting their seeds gathered from the peppers, into growing up to thousands of plants and harvesting and selling the peppers both whole and ground into a powder. For me with this sheer number of plants, the only way to go is hydroponics. I have researching joe's deeply to determine if he is legit or not. I found one guy who's not. scam artist the whole way. Hundreds of negative reviews on amazon. I looked up pepper joe one site, he's legit, another he's not, raises cost and makes up names for profit. Note, I know I doubled up by putting down packs and didn't remove their containing seeds. I am looking for first hand testimonial regarding germination rate, and if the seeds he sent are what they grew. As well as does he back his guarrentee on germination rate.

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