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Replacing tub with shower pan/base -- must be custom made?

13 years ago

Hello all,

In our current bath remodel we are planning to replace the bathtub with a shower with sliding glass doors. I measured my tub to be a 60"x30", and visited a bath showroom where the rep told me that they are typically 60"x32" with 2" going inside the wall.

I found several 32"x60" shower bases (Corian/swanstone etc) with a side drain on the internet. (My tub has a left side drain and I could find them at several internet stores that sell bath fixtures.

My question is, are they standard enough to be used to replace the tub or should I take any other tub measurements and compare for compatibility?

Thanks in advance! Also please do let me know if anyone has used other good brands with similar quality as Corian/Swanstone.

I am in SF Bay Area, and if anyone here knows businesses that make/sell them then I would love to hear about experiences.