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q. for bill v. or other tile pro -- was it installed correctly?

13 years ago


My new bathroom tiles were installed, and they look beautiful (pics will be posted soon!). However, as I walked barefoot on the cararra basketweave floor this evening, I could feel "undulations" caused by individual tiles being out of level. Most of it is subtle (e.g., 1 side of 1 small tile will be a little higher), but I can also feel distinct rolls and dips in small areas (where maybe 4-5 little tiles were installed slightly higher or lower). I know they leveled the mud base before install, so I guess they weren't able to/didn't level the basketweave sheets when they were tiling. Is this a normal occurrence for mosaic-type floors, or is this a result of poor install?

If it was a poor installation, what should I do & to what extent should the floor be level?

Thanks so much for your help!

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