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Bill_V and other shower gurus!

13 years ago

Hi! Here's the background:

Bathtub with window in tub/shower combo, new construction, nothing but studs right now. I was reading some of the posts regarding this and it seems that you have suggested using solid vinyl windows. This bath will mostly be used as a bathtub but WILL have a wall mounted hand held shower with splash potential. Our windows are low e Lincoln wood and are already installed. We were planning on doing a solid surface ledge with Azec trim or tiling up to window - whatever the tile man thinks is best.

THE QUESTION: should I halt the plans until I can get a vinyl window in? no option to move the plumbing, its a timberframe and there is only room along the one wall. Our tile guy uses Kerdi, would like some suggestions on how to best install tile/window, etc.

Thanks and don't beat me up too much for having a window in a shower to begin with! If the consensus is that it really is stupid, then I'll just cancel out the shower head! Our house is a Ross Chapin, Swede Hill It's the upstairs bath, the plumbing all runs along a small drop ceiling in the downstairs entry.

Here is a link that might be useful: House plan link

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