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Valentine stuff Part 2

11 years ago

I was lazy and did the chandy just like last year, DT sparkly heart wire 'garland' and my lg crystal heart.

Bay window. I used a metal ornament tree (kept out from Christmas to try for other holidays), and my heart ornaments mostly filled it. The close-up of the lidded jar on the rgt is in my first post.

Small touches in a few places.....

I just added roses to this vignette that's on my small counter between the fridge and kitchen window.

Some flowers and rose petals to the family photo table in the family-room next to the fireplace.

Again, some flowers and a heart ornament to the lantern thing on the back hall bookcase. I see I had forgotten to add a bow on the Bunny, meant to do that before I took the photo.

Another flower arrangement and bow for bunny on end table in family-room.

A little pink vignette....

See that pretty Valentine card above? Well I got one very BIG surprise in today's mail. A box FULL of beautiful things along with this card, from our dear sweet Janet. She sent me the loveliest little Cherub tea set! I nearly cried when I opened that box. With all that Janet is going thru in her life, she never fails to call me and see how I'm doing several times a month. And now this wonderful surprise. She has the biggest heart, and is such a dear friend I've grown to love from knowing her here.

(Behind the teapot are a pair of napkin rings, a napkin holder, and an S&P set.) Isn't this delightful !!

(Janet, thank you sooo very much. I love it. Felt like Christmas in Feb.)


Lastly Teegan had to put on her 'Christmas plaid' just so she could look better with her Valentine things. She enjoys my stuffed animals so luckily I had a little Val. bear for her. I fixed her tiny vase of roses 'n baby's breath, gave her a ceramic Valentine trinket box, and put a glass heart ornament in a little cloche I fixed for her.

hugs, Karen

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