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Bosch vs GE Profile Wall Ovens

16 years ago

After years of horrible Whirlpool Gold experiences we are forced to replace our double wall oven before we planned. So trying to stay withing a budget I've narrowed it down to Bosch or GE Profile, but I have a couple of questions I hope you wonderful folks could help me with.

Bosch (300 or 500)

-I've got different answers from the appliance sales staff, but the 500 is the only one with a "true convection" correct? Otherwise the only difference I can see is temperature probe & rack.

-What does Bosch mean by "speed convection"? I have found their web site less than informative.

-I have to admit I am less than wowed by my current convection oven, but that might just be that my oven is not that good. The common thread in old posts is convection is worth it.

GE Profile (PT966)

-Bosch says they have a fast pre-heat, does anyone notice a slow preheat with their GE, or is the extra couple of minutes much ado about nothing?

-How is Bosch convection different from GE, since their is "true European"

Relative price points are:

Bosch 300 ($1960) GE Profile ($2270) Bosch 500 ($2450)

I think I like the telescoping racks and controls on the Bosch better, but GE has a hidden bottom element, and now I can't recall if Bosch does and can't find an answer on the web. Is the Bosch worth $200 more than GE, or is it preference? Assuming the 300 has the same convection as the 500 I might get that. And given our experience reliability is a HUGE issue.

I have also considered a Frigidaire Gallery which has a double convection, but is hundreds less, that everyone seems to think is an inferior oven. If anyone wants to throw in 2 cents on this I'd like to hear it.

Once again, thanks for reading through such a lengthy message. I have looked through the old posts, which have better information than the Bosch web site!

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