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Walnut slab counter & other design questions

12 years ago

HI there,

For my master bath vanity I plan to use a walnut live edge slab for the vanity. We don't need storage in this bathroom (large linen closet right across the hall), so it will be a vanity with no drawers or cabinets beneath. We will recess a medicine cabinet on the wall next to the bathroom door for DH's basic toiletries.

Here is our inspiration picture, taken from Elle Decoration UK:

We want a modern, clean, earthy (organic??) feel I think.

The actual slab that we plan to use is below. At the deepest part it measures just 18" deep, 14-16" otherwise.

We want a more practical vessel sink than the one in the inspiration picture. We also want an oval shape (probably around 20" long, but only 14-15" wide or deep, given the modest width walnut slab. There are some oval white porcelain sinks that we like out there. We came across the sink pictured below as well. It is expensive, but it is the perfect shape (17" x 12") and beautiful. But I'm not sure that the weathered bronze look will work on the also brown walnut. Thoughts?

Any other thoughts re: design etc. most appreciated. We will sand the live edge of the walnut to ensure we can't get snagged on the corners, plus the walnut will need to be treated regularly so it can endure the humidity.

Here is our inspiration picture for the shower part of bathroom (from Houzz).

modern bathroom design by san francisco architect Cary Bernstein Architect

We plan to extend the walnut slab to run the 88" length of the wall, so into the shower section as shown in the inspiration picture. We won't have cabinetry below it, but probably river rock on the floor. We will use teak mats for the main 48" x 60" part of the shower.

We will primarily use a rain shower, so the approx 15" deep vanity should *just* be outside the splash zone, but it will certainly get the odd drop of water, no question. We don't need to run the walnut the whole length of the wall, but want to. Thoughts?

While there will not be a living plant wall in this bathroom (as I first planned), there will be plants, probably as pictured in the first inspiration picture.


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