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measure twice, cut once

15 years ago

My 3 month granite saga was supposed to end today. In late November, I found remnant slabs that would be perfect for my bathroom only to have them given away. Then the fabricator skirted my phone calls long enough for me to give up on him. Luckily I found more remnants at another shop. The plan to save me some bucks: I provide detailed measurements and drawings, they cut and polish, I install. No problem, except that I went to pick up the pieces today (10 of them), and one of the holes for the deck-mounted roman tub faucet was an inch off. My drawing was accurate and the guy who cut and polished the piece re-drew the hole measurements on a huge piece of tape right next to the hole locations. The guy who drilled the hole just mismeasured. Sheesh! I was sure that if there was any mismeasuring it would have been from my tape measure.

Next to the table where we diagnosed the problem lay the remainder of the remnants my pieces came from. It was no surprise that there's nothing near big enough to cut a new piece, so my only option is to seam the piece. Of course it's the front edge of the tub deck and I'll see that stupid seam every time I look toward the tub. They were going to seam it down the middle, but I talked them into seaming it directly down the middle of the faucet hole to make it less noticeable. The piece is only 7" wide (by 60") so this way only a couple inches of seam will be exposed and the faucet will cover the rest.

Sorry to vent, but I was finding myself getting really irritated and had to spill to someone (the DW is out knitting). In the end, it's a small problem that will have little or no impact, I'm just fed up with granite folks right now. They're taking care of it, and that's what counts. Honestly, the 2 guys left at the shop were more ticked off than I was. I'll find out tomorrow if the fix is acceptable. If they want their last $600, it will be :)

I guess I should go double check the sink cutout in the vanity. That would be a tragic error, and they would be finding me a new slab.

Thanks for 'listening'.


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