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OT - Winter Bird Pics on this Snowy Day in IA! (pic heavy)

12 years ago

A snowy cold, cold day in IA so I kept my nose indoors but took some pics thru the living room windows...the Cardinals & lots of birds were very happy to feed in the bird arbor garden!

Since we started emptying out the living, dining & kitchen today...for new flooring, I know I won't have any holiday decor to post for a couple hope you enjoy my outdoor pics instead:

Log feeder in front of bird arbor...caught this Cardinal 'couple' feeding today:

They were flying in and out all was so cold so they needed to keep 'fueling' I guess ...

The Bluejays & Cardinals usually chase each other off...but here I caught a pic w/one on each side! ;-)

Close-up of female Cardinal...she was sure flinging the snow around!

And the Bluejay:

And here's a Chickadee (such a pretty bird) sharing w/Cardinal in bird arbor ...or maybe vice versa...Cardinal sharing...

This beautiful Cardinal on the ground:

And I tried & tried & finally caught these Cardinals just 'posing' for me in my garden there:

And on the spilt rail fence, too:

Hope you enjoyed looking at a cold, Wintery day in IA! TFlookin'! Jeanne S.

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