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Two Explorer Issues. Advice wanted.

17 years ago

A month or so ago my 1998 Explorer Sport would just not start. It would jump, but if you shut it off it wouldn't restart. Replacing the battery seemed to take care of it. This past weekend the alternator showed signs of going (lights dimming, wouldn't start without a jump, etc.), so that was replaced today for $291.

Now the 4 wheel drive indicator is blinking every once and awhile. We have no idea why.

And the windows won't open or close. The fuses were checked. Someone who looked at it said it is probably a frayed wire, but there is no way of knowing where the fray is because Ford runs the wire in a loop.

A few months ago the driver's door wouldn't open from the outside. DH's uncle fixed it (sort of), but it still doesn't seem right. I am wondering if maybe he screwed up the wire when he was messing with the door (he has an autobody shop, but he is more of a body work guy than a mechanic).

Does anyone have any idea about what would cause the 4 wheel drive light to blink or about the window issue? I feel like I am bleeding cash with this thing, unfortunately I can't afford to replace it. Thanks.

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