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has anyone cut oceanside glass mosaic tiles?

13 years ago

Hi - I fell in love with Oceanside glass tile and (against my better judgement) bought a beautiful pattern to use as an accent in the shower. Now reality is hitting, as I realize that I have no idea how to cut the stuff. It is beautiful, but it's very thick (just over 1/4 inch) and some of the tiles are very small (about 1/2 a square inch). Oceanside gives two suggestions for cutting their tiles:

1) use a wet saw - but how the heck do you cut a tiny mosaic tile with a wet saw without losing fingers?

2) use a mosaic tile cutter - which I can't get to do anything except scratch the surface of the tiles - anyone have experience on how to grip and bend the tiles to make them actually break?

I would be thrilled to hear about anyone's experience with this.


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