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Air/bubble tub in tub/shower combo?

10 years ago

We're building a new home and are looking into options for the only tub in our house. While the house is spacious enough, logistically we just couldn't fit a tub and shower into the Master. We decided to put a tub into one of the other bathrooms and will do a shower/tub combo there. I imagine one of my two kids will want to use this bathroom. Right now they are ages 4 and 7.
Since it's the only tub in the house, and I do like to take an occasional bath, I'd love to have a tub with bubble technology, but am worried all of those tubs are too deep for the dual shower use. So my question is - can we do this? Are those tubs too deep given that we have younger kids? I found a few threads on GW but they were mainly from people who would not have children using the tub/shower as well. They were also a couple of years old so I didn't know if there are any new options people have stumbled upon? Or if anyone has done this and found they woriied too much or regretted it? Thanks in advance for any advice!

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