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Need layout help with Master Bath/Main Bath redo

15 years ago


Winding down kitchen renos, ready to start on Bathrooms.

We are redoing all three bathrooms. The first two that I need help with are the Master and Main, which back on to each other. I have a pic of the layout.

We are now empty nesters with the whole upstairs to ourselves. We'd like to make the Master shower bigger and I would love an airjet tub in the main (which would be for me, but I figure for resale, there should be a tub in the main bathroom. I was thinking I could move the common wall (79" long) into the main and gain about 9" in the Master- the present shower is already 9" deeper than the rest of the bathroom. Then I could move the tub 90 degrees towards the right (or left I guess, don't know if it makes a difference to plumbing which needs to be moved)so that it would be parallel to the common wall and then I could get a bigger/longer tub than I have presently.

I could move toilet to where tub used to be, building half or full walls as needed.

Basically, we're pretty open to any changes, the two partial walls in Main can go, windows can go, or be moved or changed. (They are a few months old, but DH figures it would be cheaper to replace with smaller windows if necessary than move them). We are DIY, so costs are in materials, not in labour.

Open to all and any ideas.

TIA, Rae


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