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Looking for built-in frig with crushed ice / water dispenser

12 years ago

WeâÂÂre bumping out our kitchen and weâÂÂre in the appliance selection phase. We stuck at frig selection. We had planned for a 36â but we may be able to change our layout to accommodate a 42âÂÂ. Do many quality models offer crushed & cubed ice with the water dispenser? We have that in our current freestanding frig and we donâÂÂt want to give that convenience up. We were going to go with SZ BI-36U until we decided we wanted to keep this option.

I started researching additional built-ins this morning. I see that a 42â Thermador (model KBUDT42) has crushed ice but I canâÂÂt find any reviews. Do other brands offer crushed ice as well? If so, are any of these units quality products? If we canâÂÂt find a quality built-in with crushed ice, how could we achieve chilled water / crushed ice? I know we can add filtered water to the sink and we see some under counter ice units but that seems like overkill.

Any advice would be great. We didnâÂÂt realize something like this is what weâÂÂd be agonizing over!

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