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GE gas range ease of cleaning grates & slide in??s

13 years ago

Looking for a range to replace my 14 yr. old ge gas.I am wondering if all of you that have these newer cast iron (uncoated) grates rather than the porcelain/enamel covered cast are finding any problems with cleaning them. Having only had the porcelain/enamel ones, which are not the easiest to keep clean, I am thinking these rougher surfaced ones would even be harder if something burns on. Supposedly you can't put them in the oven while it is cleaning.

I prefer the look of the slide in but not having had one also wonder about this fan for the oven. Does that have to run every time the oven is on. Or does the heat just vent up to the cooktop? Is it a problem?

Is the surface to cook on larger with a slide in because you don't have the back controls to bump into or is it smaller cause the oven controls are now on the front? Or just equal. I know the oven is a little shorter.

Your opinions from your experiences please. Thanks, Cindy

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