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question for mongoct and bill vincent

12 years ago

Hope yall don't mind giving me some instructions...we were planning on having our plumber do the slope for a roll-in shower, but they have never done that before and aren't comfortable with it...we will try to find someone else to do that part, but may end up having to do it ourselves.

I will post some pics of this project later...a tub has been removed, the bathroom gutted, wall moved over. I am going to use a kerdi drain with Hydroban (thanks to the info yall provided)...

It is a concrete slab. The wet area will include the shower and toilet and is 5 x 8. The shower will be 5' X 38". We are planning on centering the drain in the shower (2" drain) and doing 1/4" per foot slope. The toilet is being moved over 2'.

On the outside of the shower (toilet area all the way to opposite wall) we are planning on 1/8" per foot slope. Can yall give me step by step instructions on how to go about making the slope, or give me a link if there is one already with step by step instructions?

So far I came across some basic info about using thinset to adhere a dry based mortar mix to the concrete slab, but nothing really specific...

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