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Double sink pedestal vs single sink vanity

10 years ago

Hi, I'm planning our master bathroom remodel. We have a small bathroom. The area for the vanity is max 54" with a toilet to the right and a wall to the left. I was planning to find a 48" vanity and use a 3" filler to bring it flush to the wall. But, while looking for vanities, I found this double sink pedestal. It is 46" wide so I could pull it off wall 4-8". I taped off the area of the sink on my current vanity and my husband and I were surprised at how comfortable it was for us to both fit in front. Now I'm torn between going with the double sink pedestal or sticking to my plan of having a single sink vanity with lots of practical storage. If I did the pedestal, I could use two medicine cabinets to keep most of our stuff. I would just need to use a basket underneath for bigger items like the hair dryer which isn't used daily. Towels could go on a train rack above toilet or in another basket. Most of the time my husband and I aren't getting ready at the same time, just sometimes at night and on the weekends. What do you guys think? Which is the better way to go?

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