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New basement

15 years ago

We are currently designing a new house and I would like for it to have a basement and a wood floor. We've never had a basement or a wood floor. Always slab on grade. Here are some questions I have. Knowledge and guidance would be appreciated.

Walls material. Concrete filled block, or poured concrete? Concrete is expensive here, labor isn't. These walls will also be load supporting footings for the main part of the house, above.

Wall sealing. What's the best way to seal the walls? This area is dry 98% of the time, and absolutely soaked 2% of the time.

Wall insulation. What's the best way to insulate the walls? I want to avoid anything that pollutes the air we breath with formaledhyde and other evil things. I would like to add wiring and then sheetrock the walls.

Any warnings, must do good ideas, or other info would be helpful too. Thanks.

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