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Fireblocking in my basement

2 months ago

I am finishing my basement myself. Learning a lot along the way. Just found out about fire blocks….AFTER I started building….and my situation seems to make them a little more difficult to add.

I have spray foam on my foundation walls. The foam is not evenly sprayed, so building my wall frame flush against it was impossible . As such Theres a gap between my spray foam and my studs .

As it is now, if i drywall it, there would be a massive gap behind the drywall for fire to run rampant.

I’m thinking my only solution would be to just screw L brackets to my studs and then attach plywood as a backer board to the backside of my frame. This would totally enclose the interior of my wall from the rest of that gap near the foundation.

here’s what I’m working with:

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